Crossing the Finish Line

Horses racing to the finish line.

Our final set of essays from our writers is now up! That means that we have achieved our goal of completing the book on time here at the Frankfurt Book Fair! It’s been an incredible ride and we are extremely grateful to everyone who made this possible: our collaborators here on the ground and around the world. Thank you to Charlie Stross, Jane Friedman, Dan Gillmor and Lee Konstantinou, to the many people who shared their thoughts in text and video contributions, to our colleagues from Intel and the many supporters who have been here with us at the fair.

Of course, this book isn’t really done–it’s a living text and will continue to evolve in the days and weeks to come. But for tonight, we have reached the finish line. Welcome to the future of publishing:


Ed Finn, Introduction

Jane Friedman, “Why I’m Here”

Dan Gillmor, “Why I’m Here”

Lee Konstantinou, “Why I’m Here”

Charlie Stross, “Why I’m Here”

Brian David Johnson, “The Future of _______: A Cautionary Tale”


How will people read in the future?

Jane Fried­man, “The Blur­ring Line Between Reader and Writer”

Dan Gill­mor, “Read­ers and Anonymity”

Lee Kon­stan­ti­nou, “Read­ing and Our Addic­tion to Distraction”

Char­lie Stross, “Read­ing Machines”


How will people find new books to read in the future?

Jane Fried­man, “The Impor­tance of Meta­data in Book Discoverability”

Dan Gill­mor, “What Are You Read­ing? Read­ing and Reputation”

Lee Kon­stan­ti­nou, “The Future of Bookstores”

Char­lie Stross, “Feral Spambooks”


How will books be produced in the future, and who will produce them?

Jane Fried­man, “The Atom­iza­tion of Publishing”

Dan Gill­mor, “An Author-Centric Ecosystem”

Lee Kon­stan­ti­nou, “Our Friend the Book DJ”

Char­lie Stross, “Pub­lish­ers: What Are They Good For?”


How will books be written and edited in the future?

Jane Fried­man, “The Future of Edit­ing: Beta Read­ers and Agile Publishing”

Dan Gill­mor, “GitHub for Books?”

Lee Kon­stan­ti­nou, “What Is the Future of the Editor?”

Char­lie Stross, “Why Microsoft Word Must Die”


How will the concept of the book evolve in the future?

Jane Fried­man, “Book as Fluke: A Thought Experiment”

Dan Gill­mor, “What Is a Book? Discuss”

Lee Kon­stan­ti­nou, “Build­ing Worlds Out of Books”

Char­lie Stross, “Do Zim­boes Dream of Elec­tric Sheep?”

Corey Pressman, “Ancient Marginalia: The Watershed Manifesto”


What will the eco­nom­ics of author­ship be in the future? In what new ways will authors engage with their read­ers?

Jane Friedman, “The Idea of the Author Is Facing Extinction”

Dan Gillmor, “Authors Develop Communities, Not Just Audiences”

Lee Konstantinou, “Two Paths for the Future of the Author”

Charlie Stross, “Google Should Buy the Entire Publishing Industry”

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